Built for your cannabis business.

Built for your cannabis business.

Only AdaptiveHR powered by Resourcing Edge offers the extensive HR platform and deep industry knowledge into all aspects of the cannabis industry. We have the experience and expertise needed to be the human capital solution for your business.

Expert Cannabis HR Support

Expert HR Support

Your cannabis business receives a full team of HR professionals, rich benefit packages, and enabling technology at a fraction of the cost of adding to your internal staff... Read More

Affordable Robust Benefits for your Cannabis Business

Affordable Robust Benefits

Health, Dental and Vision Coverage, 401k plan services and administration, short and long-term disability. life insurance and more. Offer your employees... Read More

Customized Cannabis Business Payroll

Customized Payroll Options

From every aspect of your cannabis business including managing compensation, payroll record maintenance and management, payroll compliance... Read More

Timekeeping Solutions built for the Canabis Business

Timekeeping Solutions

Track multiple work activities per employee to ensure proper time recording and Section 280E Tax treatment without the hassle of complex and costly set-up... Read More

Reduce your cannabis business liability

Reduced Liability

Keeping pace with the ever changing state and federal regulations of being a cannabis employer is complicated. A misstep can be financially devastating... Read More

To say the HR challenges of running your cannabis-based business are unique is almost an understatement. In fact, you face challenges no business has faced since the dawn of HR as we know it.

Businesses in other industries might be farms, manufacturers, retailers – but your business could be all three. Regulations are new, complex and constantly evolving, and they differ in every state. At a time when few remaining businesses deal in cash, you handle a lot of it – and your viability depends on managing, reporting, and taxing it correctly.

AdaptiveHR is a PEO created from the ground up for Cannabis industry companies. Our leadership has experience advising and guiding cannabis companies. We understand the unique day-to-day operations of your business. We know the challenges that companies in your industry face when providing health and retirement benefits to employees – and we have a simple solution to those challenges. We understand the laws and regulations and tax codes that impact your business. And we understand the need to monitor and respond to those regulations as they evolve.

Based on our expertise and knowledge, we’ve built exactly what you need: a comprehensive, cloud-based HR platform backed by knowledgeable, responsive support staff in every state you do business. You’ll never have to supplement AdaptiveHR with services from another provider: You’ll work with one vendor, and manage one relationship for all your HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Timekeeping needs.

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