Time and Attendance with Section 280e compliance

Time & Attendance 

In today’s ever-changing business environment employees can now be in a centralized location, remote or assigned to multiple locations. AdaptiveHR helps your cannabis business remain nimble and maneuverable and still provide a way to control hours, stay compliant with legislation, and still maximize productivity.

We give you everything you need to navigate the complexities of time & attendance with ease.

We offer:

• Advanced clock technology with intelligent punch data for better labor management control
• Regulated viewing and management by supervisors and employees
• Manager dashboard for employee status, management and review
• Allows supervisors and managers to edit punch details and approve time cards
• Flexible reporting for job costing and compliance auditing


• Basic Scheduling
• View Schedule Deviations
• Schedule Based Lockout
• Section 280E Tax treatment 

Leave Management:

• Holidays
• Custom & Repeatable PTO
• Time off Requests
• Accrual Balance 


• Hardware Clocks
• Software Clocks
• Mobile access
• Break & Meal Tracking Keys
• Unlimited Prompt Flexibility
• Duplicate Punch Prevention
• Flexible category and pay rate punch data
• Manage Multiple Companies (EINs)

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