Performance Management

The AdaptiveHR Performance Management solution for cannabis businesses helps you document evolving job responsibilities and expectations. The result is building a workplace culture that recognizes achievement and drives accountability.

Documentation helps your managers more quickly identify when employees are not meeting their goals. Identifying performance deficiencies early makes them easier to fix and can lead to a more productive team. 

Offering employees a clear path to success, drives engagement and retention. All while giving you a clear view of performance and efficiency.

With single sign-on (SSO), you can seamlessly import / export employee data from the Performance Management system to the HR Management System. The employee data is automatically populated in the Performance Management system, saving you time from duplicate data entry. 

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Offering employees, a clear path to success, drives engagement and retention. All while giving you a clear view of performance and efficiency. 

Payroll Processing

Mitigate Risk

Linked Documentation

Corrective Action Notices from the system communicate employee deficiencies and provide you with consistent documentation.

Corrective Action Notices are automatically linked to employee job descriptions and performance reviews. By maintaining an ongoing record of employee performance, you can mitigate your risk against false unemployment claims and employee lawsuits.

We Offer

• Launch expert-designed performance assessments in minutes
• Pre-built surveys, or customize them to fit your needs
• Collect qualitative and quantitative feedback in a single place
• 360-degree feedback from peers and managers

Employees thrive on communication from managers and colleagues. Integrated coaching in the platform can help get everyone involved in the process.

Communicating basic job competencies, setting objectives that support organizational goals, and having feedback sessions are vitally important to the success of your employees and ultimately your cannabis company.

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